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what do we do?

Parts made in 3D CAD Solid Modelling Software using AutoDesk Inventor & SolidWorks

Have ideas? Don't know where to start?

Everyone has a million dollar idea or  invention they thought of.  They just don't know where to begin to turn that idea into a reality.

Volkren Consulting has been involved in design engineering and manufacturing solutions for over 25 years.  If you have an idea and want to see it built.  Our design engineer specializes in listening to our customers needs and finding the best methods to design and manufacture their product.  We have even helped customers take their idea through the patent process.

3D CAD Solid Modelling

It's a 3D world.  We can convert sketches and 2 dimensional drawings and convert them to realistic 3D parts that can easily be shown to your customers and manufacturers.  Volkren utilizes the latest technology of 3D CAD modelling software Inventor & Solidworks.

Product Replacement

Sometimes OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) companies can no longer supply your product replacement.  Perhaps manufacturing your own replacement parts is an alternative.  We can analyze if your part can be reverse engineered to keep your equipment working.

Always learning

Volkren is currently learning all there is to know about Plastic 3D Printing.   Seeing your product on screen is one thing.  Having the ability to print out complex 3D parts or even a complete assembly and hold it in hand is a great way to see your design before you go to production. 

Consultation availability

 Volkren is always seeking to assist customers with new and exciting design project ideas.  We currently have availability for small projects or larger projects that have the flexibility of time.

About Us

Our Services

Measuring tools used for design, drafting, and manufacturing

Volkren offers custom design and manufacturing solutions to a wide variety of industries and specializes in the design of oil & gas service tools.  Volkren also has its' own database of over 50 coiled tubing tools.

Our Projects

Satisfied client

With clients located worldwide.  Volkren has project experience on the international stage that can benefit any of its' customers.

About Us

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Located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  Volkren has been providing design engineering solutions consultation since 2014.  With over 25 years experience designing downhole oil tools for coiled tubing services.